Definitions of some of the terms found in the recommendations of this project can be found below. These definitions are meant to provide basic information on each term and give the reader an understanding of how each term was utilized for the purposes of this project.

Greenbelt/Vegetated Buffer Strip

An area of permanent vegetation located between a body of water and surrounding land intended to intercept and slow runoff thereby providing water quality benefits.

High Water Elevation

A standard demarcation, based on elevation, of a body of water’s shoreline during times of high water. Typically, waterfront setbacks and greenbelts are measured from this line inward towards the remainder of a lot.

Impervious Surface Lot Coverage

The percentage of a lot's total area that is covered by impervious surfaces, such as buildings, asphalt, concrete, etc.


The use of one dock by multiple property owners on a waterfront lot.


An area of grass covered land, usually maintained by mowing.

Native Vegetation

Plants that are indigenous to the area, including plants that have developed, occur naturally, or existed for many years in the region.


The distance which a building or structure is set back from a property line, right-of-way line, or body of water.

Shoreline Protection Structures

A man-made structure, built along a shoreline, intended to limit the impact of natural shoreline processes on adjoining land.