Engineered Stormwater Control Systems


In commercial, mixed-use, and multiple-family residential waterfront areas, zoning ordinances will require an engineered stormwater control system that accommodates all stormwater from on-site impervious surfaces and allows it to percolate prior to flowing into the Lake.

Reasons for Recommendation

Where smaller lot sizes and more intense land uses prevail, the incorporation of greenbelts can become more difficult. In these cases, engineered stormwater control systems can be used to capture stormwater from impervious surfaces, slow its speed, and allow it to percolate before it reaches the lake. This helps reduce the potential for shoreline erosion and reduce the amount of pollutants and nutrients from stormwater runoff reaching the lake.


10 of 10 Zoning Ordinances around the lake require that some type of engineered stormwater system be reviewed and approved in commercial, mixed-use, and multiple-family waterfront areas.

Jurisdictions shaded green on the map below meet or exceed the recommended standard.