Maximum Impervious Surface Lot Coverage


In single family residential areas, zoning ordinances will establish a 15% maximum for impervious surface coverage on single family residential lots within 500 feet of the High Water Elevation along the shore of Lake Charlevoix.

Reasons for Recommendation

Impervious surface coverage greatly increases stormwater runoff volume and speed. Water quality has been shown to be negatively impacted by impervious surface coverage due to increased erosion and pollutant loads. Reducing the amount of impervious surface coverage on waterfront parcels helps reduce the risk of shoreline erosion and the potential for pollutants to enter the lake through stormwater runoff. Based on calculations from the previous shoreline zoning study by MSU Extension, a shoreline setback of 50’ in combination with a greenbelt will allow all stormwater runoff to percolate prior to reaching the lake on well drained, gently sloped sites with impervious surface coverage of 15% or less.


2 of 7 Township Zoning Ordinances around the Lake currently meet or exceed this recommended standard – Evangeline Township, Hayes Township

Jurisdictions shaded green on the map below meet or exceed the recommended standard.