Native vegetation requirement in greenbelt


Zoning ordinances will require that native vegetation be planted within the greenbelt.

Reasons for Recommendation

Maintaining shoreline greenbelts, or vegetated buffer strips, helps protect the water quality of the lake by cooling water, reducing shoreline erosion, slowing stormwater runoff rates, and filtering nutrients from stormwater before it reaches the lake. The use of native plants, woody shrubs, and trees, instead of lawn and other less pervious surfaces within the greenbelt allows for greater stormwater infiltration rates. Native plants often require less maintenance and are better adapted to local shoreline conditions.


5 of 7 Township Zoning Ordinances around the Lake currently meet this recommended standard - Bay Township, Charlevoix Township, Evangeline Township, Eveline Township, Hayes Township

Jurisdictions shaded green on the map below meet or exceed the recommended standard.