Formal Planning Commission Site Plan Review


Zoning Ordinances will require formal Planning Commission site plan review for all waterfront property development projects. Site plans should include all information already required for site plan review and the following.

  • Location of the High Water Elevation
  • Location of all setbacks, including the shoreline setback
  • Existing and proposed site topography, shown at a minimum of 2-foot contour intervals
  • Locations of existing and proposed structures and other impervious surfaces
  • Calculations of existing and proposed impervious surface coverage
  • Existing and proposed greenbelt/vegetated buffer strip, including a planting plan
Reasons for Recommendation

By requiring formal site plan review for all waterfront property development projects, local units of government can gather detailed information and more precise documentation on proposed projects on waterfront parcels. The site plan review process identifies exactly what will happen on the property, allowing zoning staff to only need to verify that the development occurs based on the approved plans.


1 of 10 Zoning Ordinances around the Lake currently meet or exceed this recommended standard – Evangeline Township

Jurisdictions shaded green on the map below meet or exceed the recommended standard.