R-2- Single Family Greenbelt Residential District

Single-family Residential and Agricultural Zoning From South Arm Township

The Single Family Greenbelt Residential District is intended to accommodate single family residential uses with additional protection for lakes, rivers, and streams.

Zoning Status
 Indicates Zoning that Meets the Recommendation
RecommendationThis DistrictNotes
Defined High Water Elevation/OHWMAs established by law
Setback from OHWM 100'
Maximum Impervious Surface Lot Coverage30%
Conditions for Issuance of Zoning Permits Yes
Formal Planning Commission Site Plan ReviewNo
Engineered Stormwater Control Systems Yes
Number and Use of Docks Yes
Keyhole or Funneling standards Yes
Shoreline Protection StructuresNo
Greenbelt/Vegetated Buffer Strips 50'
Specific prohibition of lawn in greenbeltNo
Native vegetation requirement in greenbeltNo
Prohibition of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in greenbeltNo
Requirement of trees and woody plants in greenbelt Yes
Limited cutting or pruning of greenbelt vegetation Yes
Spacing requirements for new plantings in greenbeltNo
Viewing platforms in greenbelt Yes
Paths through greenbelt to water Yes
Maintenance of existing natural shoreline buffers Yes
Prohibition of beach sandingNo
Prohibition of alteration of area between water's edge and high water elevationNo