2016 Lake Charlevoix Watershed Zoning Recommendations

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After reviewing the recommendations of the previous shoreline protection work groups and discussing appropriate shoreline protection standards for the ten jurisdictions surrounding Lake Charlevoix, the project team and steering committee identified specific categories for which zoning recommendations should be made.

General shoreline protection zoning recommendations for each of these categories are detailed below. Click on each category heading to view the recommendations of the project team and steering committee, along with the reasoning for the recommendations and a listing of the jurisdictions whose ordinances already meet the recommended standards. Additionally, each recommendation page shows a map that identifies which jurisdictions around Lake Charlevoix currently meet or exceed the recommended standard. Analysis of the efforts of the previous shoreline work groups and general shoreline protection recommendations can also be found in the Steering Committee Report. The Steering Committee Report is a working document that may be modified based on Committee comments and feedback as the project progresses.

Definitions of many of the terms used on the recommendation pages can be found on the "Definitions" page.